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An upgrade to a tyre with a lower profile size than the original will generally improve the vehicle's steering response, handling characteristics and appearance. There are options available to change the rim width and diameter, which will maintain similar specifications to the original tyre fitment.

Changes in driving style and aspect ratios

Tyre profiles have changed considerably in recent years because of changes in vehicle styling and demand for increased vehicle performance. Today's tyres have a squat appearance, rather than the tall, narrow look of yesteryear. The aspect ratio is a comparison of the tyre's section height with its section width (45 indicates the height is 45% of its width).

NOTE: When fitting new replacement tyres and/or wheels, ensure any alternative to the original tyre and wheel fitment complies with relevant state legislation, and that tyre load and speed ratings equal or exceed the minimum allowed for that vehicle in your state.

For more information, go into your local Tyrepower outlet and ensure the upgrade is suitable for your vehicle.